A recruitment portal you can rely on!

An online recruitment portal, with applicant tracking, candidate management and interview scheduling that utilises the latest artificial intelligence technology to automate and streamline the entire recruitment process from job creation and sourcing, right through to interviewing and hiring - all in one place!

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job board plugin

Adding a Job board plugIn is an easy way to make your website candidate friendly, search engine efficient and professional. It’s easy to implement and brings many advantages including keeping you in control of the whole application process, so job seekers and agents remain in your domain, allowing you to maintain your style and brand. You can utilise Google analytics to measure your sites performance.

streamline your recruitment

Manage your recruitment agencies, create PSL's, stop duplicate applications. Boost direct hires by maximising social recruiting opportunities and distributing your vacancies to relavant job boards, whilst tracking all applications from one place.

do more for less money!

Our recruitment portals are fully integrated, incredibly easy to use and feature rich including interview management, talent pooling, diversity monitoring, 'On-Spec' functionality and analytics. So do more for less money!

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